Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time to visit Atlantic Canada?

The best time for a vacation to Atlantic Canada will depend on what you want to see and do. July and August are the warmest months (daytime highs of 20-30 °C) but also tend to be the busiest given summer holidays. This is the time most people in Atlantic Canada take their vacations. But, ‘busy’ is relative — busy in Atlantic Canada is a far cry from busy anywhere else! If you are more flexible with your time, the autumn months between September and October can be a spectacular time to visit. We call this period of time ‘Indian Summer’ and with warm daytime temperatures, cooler evenings and less crowds, you’ll find it a really enjoyable time to take a vacation. It’s also the best time to see the burst of fall colours — mid-September in more Northern areas, late September-October in the southern coastal areas. If you prefer to vacation in late May and June, you’ll experience spring, the ‘greenest’ time to visit. The temperatures are perfect for touring with fewer crowds and longer days to take in all of the many attractions and adventures on offer. All four Atlantic provinces of eastern Canada offer a temperate climate with invigorating sea breezes near the coast — best enjoyed with a sweater on or near at hand. Inland the air may be warmer by 5°C (10°F), and lakes, rivers, woods and farms are pleasantly warm. Temperatures in spring and autumn average a pleasant 10° cooler.

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